Where Is The Ileum?


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Our small intestine is divided into three portions: The duodenum, jejunum and the ileum. Ileum is the last part of the small intestine before it develops into the large intestine. So, the ileum joins caecum on its latter end.
The ileum can be said to be directly below the stomach in the abdominal cavity. It is about two to four meters long and helps the absorption of digested food especially vitamin B12 along with bile salts.  It has many villi and microvilli on its surface that maximize the surface area for the absorption of food into the blood and the surface area for the enzymes to attach to and react.
We differentiate ileum from jejunum because it is lighter in color and has more fat than the latter. In fetuses, the ileum is connected to the navel and the umbilical cord via the vitelline duct. This disintegrates soon after birth. But in about 2% people, it may not disintegrate thus leading to a condition known as Meckel's diverticulum.

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