Where Is Mallorca?


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Mallorca is situated in the Mediterranean Sea; it is a part of Spain. Mallorca basically is a Balearic Island, and like many other Balearic Islands it is also a famous tourist spot.

The place became quiet famous with the people from Germany and United Kingdom after package tourism was inaugurated in May 1952 and since then Mallorca has stayed as a well-liked destination with the tourist. From the 1960's it has become the hub for mass tourism.

Palma is the capital of the Island, which is also the capital for autonomous society of the Balearic Islands. The Cabrera archipelago is organizationally grouped with Mallorca. La Balanguera is the national anthem of Mallorca. Mallorca was founded in the 13th century; it has a total population of 777,821 people, recorded by the 2005 census.

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