How Important Is Antarctica?


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We have a Navy base there so there is much research (and other than military) going on. I was there but it was the 6 months of darkness so it was not the greatest...but the whiskey bottle made it tolerable and warmer. Not much to do but wait on the aircraft drop for new supplies.
B O R I N G...
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Nobody really knows yet. There are many studies being done, but the actual value remains to be seen.
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Just as important as Unclearctica.

But seriously, folks...

It is a terrific place to do scientific research in a pristine environment, that has yet to be spoiled by the pollutants of civilization.

Many parts of it are the same today, as they were millions of years ago.
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From what I've heard it is very important. It acts like a filter for the planet as the air all eventually ends up at one pole or the other.

Don't ask me to explain how or why any of it works, I'm repeating what scientists on a show were saying :)
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Very important !!!!
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It's important because it's the home of the great white polar bears, and the land of the great white
whales and water seals.
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Well, because of it's location at the bottom of the world, I would think it helps to keep our rear ends cool. While It's not scientific you'll have to admit it's the most logical answer you've ever received.
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I think it is very important ... From the Tropical Rain Forest to Antarctica ....we are all in this together.

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