What Is Psychology Barriers?


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A psychological barrier is an obstruction the mind puts in place to stop somebody experiencing something. The mind deems this experience too traumatic to undergo, either from past experience or presumptive fear. Logic can often dictate that an act, such as bungee jumping, is not an exciting prospect because of the near-death falling sensation it is believed to give. That is a logical assessment, and yet thousands of people do it annually - and most repeatedly -for the adrenaline rush they get, proving that this is a barrier of the mind.

Psychological barriers are not all fear based though. They can be to do with motivational issues, for example. A person may feel they are overweight or unfit. However, they cannot compel themselves to eat healthier and to exercise. This lack of motivation and willpower is a psychological barrier.

Other blocks can involve speech. Some people will shy away from speaking if the act of the speech itself has a negative emotional impact. Some people enjoy upsetting others, but most don't. Some people can talk to those they don't like, but some can't. The psyche of conscientious thought is integral to it all. Subconsciously we all have set likes and dislikes, so when we challenge these we hit a barrier. Some people can beat these and some cannot.

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