Where Is Weatherfield Located?


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Weatherfield is actually a fictional town where "Coronation Street," the UK's longest running soap opera is set. According to the storyline, Weatherfield is a working-class suburb of the Greater Manchester Conurbation, with generally modest residential housing consisting of traditional, early twentieth century British terraces, local industry, such as two clothing factories (Underworld and King's Robes) and small commerce, comprised mainly of family-run shops and pubs, such as Rovers Return Inn and the Kabin.

According to the television program's storyline, Weatherfield also has its own local newspaper, called the "Weatherfield Gazette." Ken Barlow, Coronation Street's longest-standing character, has been known to occasionally write articles for the paper.

Coronation Street is actually filmed in Manchester proper, at Granada TV studios. Until 1999, Granada arranged tours for visitors interested in visiting Weatherfield. This service, however, has been largely discontinued. Both Coronation Street and the story behind Weatherfield was created by Tony Warren in 1960.

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