In What Circumstances Would A Sender Select The Medium Of Oral Communication?


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Certain situations call for taking certain measures. If one measure is suitable for a particular situation, it could be verily inappropriate for another situation. The same goes for the communication process where the same kind of communication does not work in every situation. Some situations require an oral mode of communication while other ones demand a written medium. The circumstances under which a sender decides to incorporate an oral medium of communication actually suit the oral mode, which the sender understands too.

If the sender wants an immediate feedback to the message that he is planning to send or if the sender wants to send a message that is relatively simple and easier to be accepted, then oral communication is the most suitable medium to use. Other circumstances under which this particular medium becomes suitable and important include the desire of the sender to not want a permanent record of the message to be kept or the cushy convenience with which the sender can assemble all his audience, that too economically.

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