Who Is The 3 Famous Scientist?


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Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Galileo Galilei are considered the top three scientists, though this is a matter of interpretation. Depending on the site you visit online, or what you learnt in school, you may find that any of these names are interchangeable with the other top scientists.

There is a list of over 50 scientists who have contributed to the world's progress. The three named are even interchangeable as to which spot they may occupy. While Galileo Galilei, is the number three scientist in the list we have used for this answer, Albert Einstein has also been placed in the same spot. As a subjective question, it is best to consider what type of scientists' list you want to create. If you want the most famous scientists of all times, then the three named are probably it. On the other hand, you have Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, and other names that can make it in the top three, depending on the list.

Some individuals will create a list based on time. For example, a list created on when someone was born or when they hit the famous marker, it is possible to have a different top three. Einstein was obviously famous after Galileo and Newton, since his inventions were of the 1900s. Louis Pasteur was also before Einstein, and is known for his identification of parasites and polarized light studies. Hubble, Maxwell, Fisher, and more than a hundred names can be a list of most famous scientists.

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