Who Are 3 Most Famous Scientist Related To Chemistry?


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The three most famous chemists are considered by most with experience in the field to be Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, Linus Pauling and Frederick August Kekule.

• Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, a French nobleman, is known as the father of modern chemistry. He working in the 18th Century, and notably discovered and named the elements of oxygen and hydrogen. In addition, he was one of those who aided the development of the metric system that is in use today. Lavoisier showed that sulfur was an element, not a compound as other chemists had believed. He also discovered that although matter often changed its form, its mass always remained the same (in chemical experiments; of course, physical experiments can suggest otherwise).

• Linus Pauling

Linus Carl Pauling was one of the first scientists to work in the field of quantum chemistry, an area of chemistry that still has much left to be explored. He was also fundamental in constructing the foundations upon which modern molecular biology has been built. Pauling was a peace activist and author in addition to being a notable figure in the field of chemistry, and is one of the most established American scientists to date.

• Frederick August Kekule

Frederick August Kekule, a German chemist, is well-known across the academic word of science for his work in organic chemistry (the study of chemical reactions that occur in and between living organisms). He was a principal founder of modern day chemical structure theory. His contributions to theoretical chemistry were supported by his sound knowledge of physical science. He also demonstrated a deep understanding of biology, making him an expert in each of the three main areas of science. This was rare in the scientific world centuries ago; the majority of scientists worked only within their specialist field. Kekule united various elements of science to make new connections and develop original ideas about the structure of molecules and atoms.
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Name some scientist who discovered things related to chemistry subject?
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Louise Pasteur
Isaac newton
Marie Curie

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