Who Are The Filipino Heroes In Chemistry?


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When it comes to Filipino Heroes in Chemistry, none can be more popular than Amando Kapauan, Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng, and Baldomero Olivera. These three chemists have contributed a lot to the world of Chemistry and have brought honor to the Philippines for their contribution.

• Baldomero Olivera

If there's one chemist every Filipino should be proud of it has to be Dr. Baldomero Olivera. He was highly acclaimed for his discovery of conotoxins and the E. Coli DNA ligase. He finished his bachelor's degree at the University of the Philippines and his doctorate degree at California Institute of Technology.

Olivera was given several awards for his contributions in chemistry including the prestigious "Scientist of the Year" from Harvard University in 2007.

• Amando Kapauan

Born on July 4, 1931, Amando Kapauan was both a chemist and active researcher. He graduated his degree in Chemistry at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City in 1952 as magna cum laude. In 1959, he finished his doctorate degree at the University of Southern California.

Kapauan became prominent for his work in environmental chemistry. In fact, he spearheaded research work on the problem of mercury found in the environment. Later on he had his own book published and became one of the founders of the Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

• Ma. Assunta Cuyegkeng

Cuyegkeng is a teacher, researcher, and chemist rolled into one. She finished her bachelor's and master's degrees in Chemistry as summa cum laude at Ateneo de Manila University. She reaped several awards including the Meritorious Service Award, Science Education Award, and Outstanding Teacher.

However, it was her work on biopolymers and chemical education that made her one of the top chemists in the country. She also serves as contributor and consultant for Kimika and The Chemical Education Journal.

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