Who Are Local And Foreign Scientist?


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Without knowing your location it is difficult to know who you would consider to be "foreign scientists" and "local scientists", but for this question let's presume that you live in the United States.

Below are a few foreign scientists who have tremendous contributions to their fields:

• Hans Krebs was a biochemist, famous for his discovery of the "trycarboxilic acids cycle", also named "Krebs cycle". Hans Krebs was born at Hildesheim, Germany on August 25th, 1900. He studied medicine and worked in Germany until June 1933, when the National Socialist Government terminated his appointment. Invited by Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, he went to England, where he continued his scientific work.
• Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physicist well known for his studies on the digestive system and the circulation of the blood. Pavlov was also renowned in the field of psychology for his research on operant conditioning. The study of 'Pavlov's Dogs' is still studied today. He discovered that dog's salivated when they saw food, and so trained them to become accustomed to hearing the sound of a bell when there was found. Eventually, he had trained them to salivate at the sound of a bell ringing, even when there was no food. This research also had an influence on popular culture as the phrase 'Pavlov's Dog' is now used to talk about someone who reacts without thinking critically.

Below are two local (American) scientists who have made remarkable contributions to modern society:

• Benjamin Franklin - helped American to with the Revolutionary War and helped America to become an independent country. He invented the wood stove and bi-focal glasses. But perhaps his most famous discovery was electricity.
• Alexander Graham Bell - started a school to help teachers who worked with deaf people in Boston. He also worked with Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind, and helped her learn to talk. Alexander's inventions including a fast hydrophoil, a wax recording media and an iron breathing lung but he is probably most famous for inventing the first working telephone.

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