Who Are The Filipino And Foreign Scientist Involved In Chemistry?


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There are a large number of Filipino scientists that have had a major impact on the scholarly field of chemistry; their main contribution has been in the form of ground-breaking research.

Some examples of Filipino scientists whose contributions have been invaluable are:

  • Alfredo C. Santos
  • Ishmael D. Ordonez
  • Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
  • Christina A. Binag
Alfredo C. Santos died in 1990, he was a professor of industrial pharmacy. He conducted research into medical plants of the Philippines, and was instrumental in lowering the prices of medicine by reducing the amount of imported materials that was required to make the medicines. He discovered that the plants he was researching had a number of medicinal properties.

The work of Ishmael D. Ordonez included research into tobacco-related diseases. He carried out research on behalf of the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, and also opened a center where students researched a number of subjects, including elements of chemistry such as photocatalysis and bisensors.

Lim-Sylianco was born in 1925 and her work included the study of the medical elements of plants such as coconut and ampalaya. The main emphasis of her studies was mutagens, which are any agent that changes the genetic makeup of organisms. She is also famous for her laboratories which were used as an International Training Center in 1986. She was also a member of the International Advisory Committee on antimutagens, to which she was appointed in 1989.

Another of the most well-known Filipino scientists is Christina A. Binag who was involved in research into the fabrication and the characterization of conducting composite membrane materials.

There are a number of other Filipino scientists who have had a major impact on the field of chemistry including Julian A. Banzon, Mary Ann A. Endoma and Luz Oliveros-Belardo.

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