What Are The Names Of Foreign Scientist And Thier Contributions?


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Some of the most famous foreign scientists that have contributed to the world of science include Galileo Galilei, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming and Marie Curie.

• Galileo Galilei

Galilei was an Italian scientist who is referred to as the father of science. He has an extensive list of contributions that he made to science around 400 years ago. These include the refinement and innovation with the telescope which resulted in him being able to look deeper into the constructs of space.

Furthermore, Galileo invented one of the first ever thermometers in 1593. It was compromised of various objects submersed in water and contained in a glass cylinder. Each object had a different weight and would react to any fluctuations in the temperature by rising to the top or sinking to the bottom of the container.  He was also a very wise and talented mathematician.

• Louis Pasteur

Pasteur was a French microbiologist and famous chemist who was the first to create and apply a vaccine. He created the first ever vaccine for rabies and anthrax and made the discovery that a deactivated virus could in fact strengthen the body if it were exposed to it. He was also responsible for discovering the process of pasteurizing milk.

• Sir Alexander Fleming

Fleming was a Scottish biologist who made the discovery of the very first antibiotic - penicillin. He received a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine award for his work alongside his fellow scientists Howard Florey and Sir Ernst Boris Chain who aided him in this discovery.

• Marie Curie

Curie was a French scientist who was the first person to ever win two Nobel Prize awards; one in the field of physics and one in chemistry. She conducted innovative and astonishing research into radioactivity and eventually used this research to be the first to ever treat cancer with radiation. She also responsible for discovering two chemical elements; radium and polonium

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