Can I Have The Science Lab Apparatus's Name N Picture?


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A typical science lab apparatus does not have a name; it may be referred to as an apparatus, and it may contain a variety of scientific instruments and tools, used to conduct science experiments in a classroom or laboratory setting. Typical components of a science lab apparatus may include (but will not be limited to) the following items:

  • Beakers - these tubes are usually made of thin glass, and they are used to heat fluids. You will find beakers in almost any laboratory in the world.

  • Bunsen Burners - These burners are used to heat substances, or touch them with flames.

  • Crucibles - When bringing tiny quantities of substances to high temperatures, a crucible is used, instead of a Bunsen burner.

  • Food Coloring - To add shades to substances (usually liquids) used in a science experiment, food coloring is added in different tones.

  • Funnels - Funnels are cone shaped plastic or glass devices that reduce wastage and spilling, by funneling liquids through a small opening at one end of the cone design. Funnels are used to pour liquids into beakers or other flasks or containers.
Pictures of a typical lab apparatus will be found in science textbooks, or on websites devoted to science experiments and laboratory equipment. Wholesalers who sell Bunsen burners and other equipment, such as crucibles, should also have their entire product lines on display on their websites.

If you're interested in science, and you want to see a real laboratory apparatus up close, you should arrange a tour to a college lab, high school lab, or other local laboratory. In most cases, teachers, professors and scientists will appreciate your interest, and they will be happy to show you around. Taking courses in chemistry may also expose you to a lab apparatus you can use to perform your own experiments and draw your own conclusions.
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Beaker 1
conical flask 2
thermometer 3
dropping pipette 4
dropping bottle 5
measuring cylinder 6
balance 7
bunsen burner 8
tripod 9
heat mat 10
filter funnel 11
filter paper 12
test tube 13
test tube rack 14
test tube holder 15
wire gauze 16
spatula 17
pestle and mortar 18

sorry can't put pictures cause not allowed!
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Beaker used to hold and heat liquids
bottle- for storage mixing and displaying
busen burner- heat source in the lab
crucible- heats small amount to a very high temp
Erlenmeyer flask- used to heat and stor liquids
evaporating dish- used to heat and evaporate liquids
florence flask- used for heating substances
funnel-used to get larger liquids into a container to avoid spilling

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