What are the science laboratory apparatuses at least 30 and their definitions?


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There are many different types of apparatus used in science, you will find lists of these online however here are a selection of some of the most common:

  • Tripod
A tripod is a stand with three legs and a circular ring on the top. These are made out of metal so that they can withstand extreme heat and are very sturdy due to their triangular leg frame. Tripods are used mainly to heat substances on so that a Bunsen burner can be placed below the substance.

  • Bunsen burner
Bunsen burners are sturdy self standing pieces of equipment that release a single gas flame. This flame can be varied in its heat and can be used to sterilize, heat, boil and evaporate. Usually Bunsen burners are used alongside a tripod so that a substance can be safely heated.

  • Petri dish
These dishes are again used with the aforementioned pieces of equipment. They are generally made out of glass and are placed on top of the tripod when heating substances. The substance will be placed in the dish and the dish placed on the tripod.

  • Test tube
Test tubes are finger shaped tubes used for heating and testing materials and liquid in. They are very sturdy and are shaped to minimize the loss of any liquid when conducting experiments.

  • Test tube holder
Since test tubes have such an unusual shape with a U - shaped bottom, they do not stand up themselves; for this reason we have test tube holders. These are made of two pieces of wood parallel to one another with a test tube sized hole in the top and bottom. The test tube would fit through the top one and rest in the bottom one.

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