What Is Upward Communication?


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One of the most noticeable changes in the business communication environment in the past few years has been the increased emphasis on upward communication. The most typical forms of upward communication is typically used to accomplish three purposes, one is to report on activities or accomplishments of a person or a division. The second is to offer suggestions and opinions and to increase participation in management functions such as planning, or controlling. Your boss will benefit from your ability to communicate upward and he or she will be able to make better decisions with better information. The biggest problem to overcome in honest upward communication is that of trust. Various studies have shown that employees tend to conceal their opinions, ideas and problems from their supervisors.

One study showed people felt that they would get into a lot of trouble if they were honest with their supervisors. Another showed that employees fear their bosses might perceive them as lacking independence. A third study demonstrated that employees fear being penalized for their honesty. In order to overcome these kinds of problems you must first establish a relationship with your boss. If you have a supervisor who does not want to hear your opinions or your problems then that is one issue.
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Upward communication refers to the flow of communication from the lower level to the upper level. This type of communication is normally observed when subordinates, employees communicate about themselves, information related what’s happening in an organization, about the reaction of certain policies and other thoughts that came across their minds as well as others to their superiors.

Now a day leaders are found to encourage upward communications as it helps them to get new ideas which helps them to be more innovative and foster more, communication becomes more efficient and the work tasks are seen to be get accomplished more easily.
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Tnx for the explanation..
.. Can u give 5 or more examples of upward communication??
.. So as 5 example of horizontal communication..
.. Thank u..
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Upward communication normally means the flow of communication from the subordinate level to the higher level. This kind of communication is in general seen in lower level staff/employees communicate with their managers; like giving information about the happening in an association to their superiors etc. Nowadays leaders support upward communications as it facilitates them to have new ideas which help them to be more innovative in order to grow.
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In upward communication the information flows from down to top.In this the top level management will get filtered information leaving all unnecessary matters.
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Upward communication in an organization means how one interact with their superiors whenever required .Good upward communication is very necessary in order to complete the task of an organization.If there is no good interaction between the lower and very there will be kind of communication gap occurs,which will affected the whole work in an organization.
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Upward Communication it is a flowing of information from the lower level of hierarchy to the top level...
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Basically an upward communication in business is the communication that flows from subordinates to superiors. It is concerned with the employees comments about their own performance or work, their responses about others,about the policies and the rules of the companies, feedback and participation in decision-making. The companies which want their employees to be loyal with the company usually increases the participation of the employees by increasing upward communication.

For example, suppose a company offers the employees to increase their salaries and to cut off the medical facility, or employees can have the medial facility but salaries will be same. In this situation if the company encourages the feedback from the lower level employees then it will be known as upward communication. Upward communication can be very beneficial for the companies because it can increase the participation of the employees and exposes their issues and problems.

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