Who Are The Filipino And Foreign Biologists?


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There are many Filipino and other foreign biologists. Hundreds are noteworthy and have earned recognition for their impressive investigatory work.

Starting with the Filipino scientists:

  • Eduardo Quisumbing
An expert in the medicinal plants of the Philippines.

  • Carmen Velasquez
Specialist in fish parasite studies. Discovered thirty-two species and one new genus (variety) of parasite in local fish from the Philippines.

  • Baldomero Olivera, Jr.
Discovered numerous Conus peptides which are now used for pain treatment and epilepsy, as well as nervous system troubles.

  • Alfredo Santos
Noted biochemist for the research of natural chemistry and the isolation of specific alkaloids from Philippine medicinal plants.

  • Prescillano M. Zamora
Dr Zamora was responsible for major discoveries in terms of plant anatomy-morphology, pteridophyte biology, and the conservation of environment and natural resources policy research. His work focused on the xylem elements of vascular plants.

  • Edgardo Gomez
A respected marine biologist for his marine ecosystem research and work on marine resources.

Foreign Biologists:

  • Sydney Brenner
Brenner is a British molecular biologist. He was the winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

  • Carlos Bustamante
The American biophysicist who discovered "molecular tweezers" to manipulate DNA strands.

  • Andrea Cesalpino
Italian botanist.

  • Johann Fischer von Waldheim
German entomologist.

  • Ambrosius Hubrecht
Dutch zoologist.

  • Adolfo Lutz
Brazilian infectologist, pathologist and public health researcher.

  • John Marwick
New Zealand palaeontologist and geologist.

  • Charles Wyville Thompson
Scottish marine biologist.

  • Oswaldo Vital Brazil
As a physician and immunobiologist he discovered several anti-venoms against snake, scorpion and spider bites.

  • Agustin Stahl
Puerto Rican zoologist and botanist.
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Were is the filipino biologist and foreign

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