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Colchester is a city and also the main region of the Essex borough of Colchester in the East of England. It is situated around 51 miles (83 km) north east of London. It connects to the capital with the help of A12 road and the Great Eastern Main Line. The twin towns of this area are Wetzlar (Germany), Avignon (France) and Imola (Italy). The city derives its name from the main town of Colchester. The city covers a total area of 125 square miles wherein, it extends from Dedham Vale on the Suffolk and shares its borders in the north with Mersea Island and to the south with Colne Estuary.

The main attractions here are Constable Country, such as the villages in Dedham Vale painted by John Constable. Lovejoy Country, where in you have the West Mersea and Long Melford. The Munnings Museum and Clacton-on-Sea, which is a customary British seaside resort with a pleasure pier, are the other attractions.
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The original location of Colchester is in the East of England. The town forms the major settlement of the people of the Essex borough of Colchester. It is 51 miles to the north-east of London. The Great Eastern Main Line and the A12 road connect the town to the city of London. It has the honor of being the oldest recorded Roman town and thus makes claim to be Britain's oldest town. Camulodunon was the towns Celtic name, which means 'the fortress of (the war god) Camulos'. It is the town's history and architecture that draws tourists to discover the town with its rich culture.

The population of the town stands at around 104,390 people. In the United States of America alone, there is a Colchester in Connecticut; in Illinois; in New York; in Vermont; and in Virginia. Other places with the same name in Canada include Colchester County in Nova Scotia; Colchester in Ontario and Colchester electoral district.

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