Who Are The Filipino Scientist In Fields Of Biology?


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The Philippines has produced many well recognized scientists whose work has been invaluable in the advancement of technologies, drugs and natural habitats.

  • One of the most notable Filipino scientists in the field of Biology is Baldomero Olivera Jr. Whose work in molecular biology and biotechnology has gained him worldwide renown. Olivera Jr. Has worked in discovering various Conus peptides that have led to advancement of drugs that help with pain, epilepsy and nervous system problems. He has also worked extensively to expand understanding and knowledge on the topic of DNA.

  • Another recognized biological scientist is Dr Asuncion Raymundo, whose work in biology to help the advancement of farming, especially in the Philippines, has also won her acclaim. Raymundo has written many books and given many lectures in biological subjects and currently works at the University of Philippines Los Baños.

  • Another Filipino scientist Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza has worked extensively in the field of biology specifically studying plants and foods and their nutritional value. Her work has been predominantly within the Philippines studying their indigenous foods.

  • One of the Philippines national heroes Jose Rizal was an intelligent man with many qualities and gifts, including an aptitude for science. His forte was biology in particular and he was often described as a naturalist. During his lifetime he was credited with the discovery of three different animals, namely draco rizali (a type of lizard also called a flying dragon), apogania rizali (a beetle) and rhacophorus rizali (a very rare and strange species of frog). All of these animals were named after Rizal himself, and this is denoted with the edition of the word 'rizali' at the end of each animal name.
There are many more notable scientists from the Philippines who have worked within the field of biology and their discoveries are just as valid.

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