Who Are The Filipino And Foreign Scientist In Biology?


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Angel Alcala, Carmen Velasquez, Min Chue Chang, Werner Arber, Eugenie Clark, and Aaron Klug are among the famous Filipino and foreign scientists in Biology. They all have their significant contributions to the world of science and technology.

• Angel Alcala

Perhaps the most popular Filipino biologists, Angel Alcala is lauded for his work on ecology and biogeography of reptiles and amphibians. He also introduced the formation of artificial coral reefs. He received several awards including the prestigious Field Museum Founders' Council Award of Merit for contributions to environmental biology in 1994 and the Philippines' Magsaysay Award for Public Service.

• Carmen Velasquez

As a Filipina biologist, Carmen Velasquez brought honor to her country by discovering 32 species of parasites found in fish. She also discovered a new genus of parasites found in the Philippine waters.

• Min Chue Chang

Chang is famous for his contribution in Biology especially in the field of reproduction. He was the one who studied and proved the effectiveness of oral contraceptives particularly the pill. This discovery had helped millions of women out there even today.

• Werner Arber

Arber together with his colleagues discovered restriction endonucleases or restriction enzymes in 1970 which won them the prestigious Nobel Prize for Physiology. These enzymes are produced by bacteria which serve as their protectors.

• Eugenie Clark

Clark is an Ichthyologist who is also dubbed as "The Shark Lady". She's noted for her work with venomous tropical fishes and her observation of shark's behavioral patterns.

• Aaron Klug

Despite being a biologist, Klug won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1982. He studied the structures of spherical virus using crystallographic electron microscopy which is a device he also introduced.

These men and women, Filipinos and foreigners, have contributed greatly to the world of Biology.

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