Who Are Those Filipino And Foreign Scientists And What Was Their Contribution To Science?


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This question, of course, depends upon what scientific field you are interested in. Do you want to know about biologists, chemists, meteorologists or physicists? There are a number of notable Filipino scientists in each of these categories. Here are a few, although there are many more Filipinos who have contributed to science outside of this list.

In the field of biology, Adelina Adato Barrior is a significant woman who contributed to the study of genetics and entomology. She worked closely with spiders, leading to her being nicknamed "Asia's Spiderwoman", but her work covered many different species, and the general study of genetics. She has won large number of awards for her work, including the Outstanding Researcher Award in 1988, the Outstanding Biologist Award in 1990, and the Outstanding Teacher of Biological Sciences Award in 1994.

Caesar A. Saloma is a notable contributor to the field of physics. He is especially revered for his contributions to the study of signal processing and photonics. He even helped to develop a method for the production of high-contrast images of semi-conductor sites. Professor Saloma has also won a number of awards, including the Galileo Galilei Award in 2004 - making him the first Filipino to win the award.

In the field of meteorology, a well-known Filipino name is Prisco Duarte Nilo. He is the former leader of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration. He is a leading figure in the Typhoon Basyang crisis and also in the bid to improve the technology possessed by the Philippines in the prediction of tropical storms.

Leon Maria Guerrero is a Filipino botanist renowned for his study into the therapeutic uses of Filipino plants and the extraction of pharmacological ingredients from such plants. He has filled posts such as the head of the military pharmacy in Zamboanga City, and that of Binondo Pharmacy.

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