Where Is Fareham, Hampshire?


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Fareham is a market town in England. It is located in the county of Hampshire. Fareham is a town that is situated to the southwest of Hampshire. It lies between the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. In other words, it is roughly located at the heart of the metropolitan area known as the South Hampshire conurbation. It is also the name of the borough which comprises the town of Fareham and the areas surrounding it.

It is located to the north of the town of Gosport, to the west of the town of Portchester, to the south of the M27 motorway and the town of Wickham and to the east of the town of Titchfield and the areas surrounding the city of Southampton. The Fareham red bricks are probably the best-known product of Fareham. The most famous building to be built using Fareham red bricks is the Royal Albert Hall in London. The population of the borough of Fareham according to the National Census of 2001 was estimated to be around 107, 977.

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