What And Where Are The Doldrums?


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The doldrums are an area of land and ocean near to the equator. In actual fact their location varies. Over land the doldrums can sometimes be above the equator and sometimes below it. This is because of the effect of the sun. In the ocean, this is similar but not due to the sun, but due to the temperature constraints of the ocean.
In effect the doldrums are more of an atmospheric condition. They are long periods of calm air, heavy rains and slow currents.
The name was originally devised by sailors who used the phrase 'doldrums' , which means listlessness or lack of energy, to describe the period of time when they were effectively stranded in this area, waiting for the winds to pick up so they could carry on their journey.
The phrase is now used commonly to describe a feeling of being blue or slightly depressed when a person is said to be 'in the doldrums'.

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