Where Is Somme?


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Somme is a place in France where battles of World War 1 were fought and has a historical reference to it. The battle of Somme started on July 1 1916. This war is originally remembered for its first day because the British suffered 57470 casualties which include more than 19000 people dead.

Originally, Somme refers to a French department, which has been named after the Somme River in Northern France. The River Somme is located in a region known as Picardie and is 241 kilometres, long flowing west and northwest towards the English Channel.

There has also been a book published by an author Lyn Mac Donald on the subject of World War I. It includes testimonies of soldiers who fought in the war and certain stories describing the horrific situation faced by these soldiers during the period of the war.

There has also been a propaganda movie made by the name "The battle of the Somme".

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