How Big Is The Area Of Wales?


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It is one of the nations of the United Kingdom. It is situated at south-western region of Great Britain. Towards its east it is bordered by England, on the south it is bordered by Bristol Channel and on the west and north it is bordered by the Irish Sea. The coastal areas of Wales is well-known for its scenic beauty, hence it has attracted a number of tourists all over the world. Wales became a union with England during the Act of Union (1536). Cardiff is the largest city and also the capital of Wales.

It has a total land area of 20,779 km2 (8,022 sq mi). The total population is about 2,598,600 according to the census calculated in 2005. Pound sterling is the currency of Wales. The total population is 2,950,000.The official languages spoken are Welsh and English. The government is a constitutional monarchy.

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