Where Is Humbleton?


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Humbleton refers to Humbleton Hill where a raiding party of Scots who were returning from the English county of Northumberland under the command of Archibald, Earl of Douglas was laid to waste. The Scots had set out to revenge the battle of Nesbit Moor where a number of Scottish nobles had earlier been killed or captured.

There were severe casualties on the Scot side and the English side is reported to have lost just five men. The English again managed to capture a number of nobles including the leader of the party.

The Hill has also been alternately called Homildon, Holmedon, Hameldun and Homilheugh.

There is also Humbleton, Pennsylvania which is a fictional location depicted in the popular comedy cartoon series "The Simpsons". The name of the town used was a spoof of an actual American town Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

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