What Is Lateral Communication?


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Lateral communication refers to messages conversed between people on the same hierarchical level. For example, in terms of the workplace, if two supervisors have a discussion or two board members raise an issue this is known as lateral communication.
The opposite of this is diagonal communication which refers to messages conversed between all levels of hierarchy. For example, if a manager has a discussion with one of their employees then this would be known as diagonal communication.  There are a number of various forms of communication in relation to business environments. Internal communication is one particular example as it is the main term used to describe any form of communication within a business. In addition, this is not specified to speaking face to face, this can mean through email, telephone and so on. If a member of one company converses with someone from another company, it is known as external communication. So this can refer to activities such as dealing with customers or contacting a supplier about a product etc.
Formal and informal communication is very straight forward in the sense that formal conversations refer to the discussion of workplace issue whereas informal communication is in relation to discussions about activities outside of work. Informal conversations are only usually acceptable during breaks and they shouldn't be used to spread rumours about colleagues. Moreover, in businesses upward communication is the questions and queries that colleagues aim at their bosses whereas downward communication is the guidance and orders expressed by the management team to their colleagues. In addition to that, there is always the possibility of small group communication which is the term used to describe discussions held in meetings with a number of colleagues.
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When two people communicate at the same hierarchical level, but in different functional areas, such as a supervisor in the marketing department and a supervisor in the research and development department, it is called as lateral communication. This flow of communication is becoming all the time more important as business become larger, compound and dedicated. Even in small companies, however lateral communication is vital in order to manage various functions by encouraging teamwork among peers. Major blocks to lateral communication include, departmental separation, lack of time and communication opportunities, and resentfully or opposition between groups.
The main thing to keep in mind is that it's in your best interest and the best interest of your company to keep this brook of communication open. Very often, people start their business careers ignore this form of communication, because lateral flow is not a part of common planned pattern of reports and meetings.
Imagine that if you have been appoint in the accounting department and your group is designing a new set of travel expenses forms. How might your ability to communicate laterally help you? May be you might avoid possible conflicts or holdup in printing if you have already established a relationship with your peers in the printing department.
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Communication between people at the same hierarchical rank but in different functional areas is called horizontal or lateral communication. This flow of communication is becoming increasingly important as business become more large, complex and specialized. Even in small companies however lateral communicating is essential in order to coordinate various functions by encouraging teamwork among peers. Major block to lateral communication include departmental isolation, lack of time and communication opportunities.

These problems are certainly surmountable especially when you consider the benefits of teamwork for example coordinating tasks, solving problems, sharing information, resolving conflict and increasing interpersonal rapport. The main thing to keep in mind is that it is in your best interest. The best interest of your company is to keep this flow of communication open. Often young people starting their business careers neglect his form of communication. Lateral flow is not a part of the usual structured pattern of reports and meetings. For example you have been hired in the accounting department and that your group is designing a new set of travel expense forms. So sometimes you have to compromise because you have to deal with these people on the daily basis. So you try to make good relationship with the people who are working with you in the companionship.
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As you can guess, communication is called lateral when it occurs at the same level. This means that in an organization if an employee communicates with some other employee at the same level, it will be called lateral communication. Another name for lateral communication is horizontal communication. This type of communication is direct because there are no levels to be bypassed like in the case of upwards and downwards communication. This is process of information haring that occurs between individuals that are at the same level.
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This involves employees of the same level or rank communicating to each other.
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Lateral communication is a direct system of communication which take place within co equal employees. This is the echange and recieving of information from an employee to an equal coliq. It is also known as horzontal communication becourse it occurs on a striaght line method.
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Lateral communication is communication between different individuals, departments, or organisms on the same organizational level.

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