What Is Adversarial Communication?


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  • Adversarial communication definition

Adversarial communication is when a negative form of communication can often be aggressive or conflicting. Adversarial communication can make communication very difficult whether it is in the family, between friends, in the work place or in social settings. If someone is feeling threatened or intimidated then person will react with aggressive behavior as a self defense mechanism.

If you find that someone uses adversarial forms of communication towards you, there are a variety of techniques you can employ to encourage a less aggressive form of communication. You should also use these techniques if you feel as though you are becoming aggressive; as aggressive arguments will rarely end well.

Some tips on avoiding adversarial communication are as follows:

  • If you find that a conversation is turning into an argument, change your intentions from winning the argument to listening and understanding to what the other person is saying. If you do not understand why they believe a certain point, ask them to explain in detail.

  • Become aware of a person's body language to understand how they feel. A person who has their arms crossed may feel defensive and uncomfortable. They will not be feeling relaxed and as though they wish to share their opinions. You should also be aware of your own emotions and body language. Relaxed body language encourages relaxed communication.

  • If you have had past experience with adversarial communication with someone, do not try to avoid them after. When both parties have had time to relax you should communicate calmly and therefore more effectively.

  • Remember to listen to what everyone has to say and think about the points they make. Communication is made even more difficult if either party is not listening properly.

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