What Is Credibility Of Communication?


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Credibility of communication or communicator is in fact trust and value given by the audience. If an audience has a high value about the communicator or the speaker, and respects the information given, the communication or the communicator is said to be having high credibility.
Communication aims at two types of audience. One is primary audience that is directly involved in communication. Secondary audience is that who receive the message later through primary audience or other sources. Credibility is very much required for these two types of audience. Communicator should not under estimate the importance of secondary audience in any case. In many cases, like press conferences or media interviews, secondary audience become more important than primary audience.
Credibility concept is very clear from the importance of media. Media vehicles having high level of credibility enjoy good business status and social respect among masses. Otherwise, some bad names exist in media only due to the low level of credibility. Modern media, their staff, reporters, technical people; all take proper care of credibility making efforts. They contribute to their company by enhancing credibility. Reuters, CNN, BBC, Time, Readers' Digest, Al-Jazeera TV, Fortune 500, Forbes, News Week, Economist are some examples of modern business enjoying good credibility in their respective fields.
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Most people use the term credibility to refer to an audience's perceptions of the communicator. Although credibility is certainly important; audiences often grant credibility to communicators with no expertise on certain subjects. In business, admirations for someone's social grace or attractiveness have nothing to do with the topic at hand.
Image is not only a matter of looks, but a matter of vitality. Take an example; your first class in any term. How are you influenced by lively, energetic teachers as opposed to the dull, boring teachers? The very people with the most expertise, the very people from whom eventually you can learn the most, may have to overcome a credibility problem if they are not dynamic. However, credibility is not a fake or artificial phenomenon.

We can say that credibility stems from at least five factors. These factors are so important and they connected with the work or we can say to credibility. These factors are perceived dependence, and then good will is most important. Expertise, image and at the last morality and fairness.

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