Will It Snow In Coventry (UK) This Year?


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It is probably not going to snow in Coventry this year, but it may snow in Coventry this winter i.e. At the beginning of 2007.  The Met Office state that it is unlikely for snow to rest on the ground before December and after March, so if it is going to snow, then there are only 28 days of the year left for this to happen !  This year has been a strange year for weather and the unusually warm autumn has meant that the seasons have not 'kicked in' as they usually do.  So if the temperatures had been closer to the average then it may be more likely that snow would fall this year possibly in late December.  But since November seems to have been one of the warmest on record it is likely that we will not have snow until later on in the winter ie after January.  However, having said that, the weather is hard to predict, so there could well be a snowstorm there within a week (although this is highly unlikely!)

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