Who Are The Ten Filipino Scientist And Their Contributions?


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Below are ten scientists that were born in the Philippines and their contributions.

• Chemistry.

Anacleto Del Rosaria - his research contributed to the extraction of castor oil from palma christi. His formula for producing pure alcohol from nipa palm won him first prize at the 1881 World Fair in Paris.

Francisco Santos - studied foods native to the Philippines and recorded their chemical composition and nutritional value. His research helped to push solving problems in Philippine diets.

Julian Banzon - researched possible methods of alternative fuels. Conducted experiments with ethyl ester fuels derived from coconut and sugar cane.

• Biology.

Carmen Velasquez - specialized in fish parasitology, which the study of parasites amongst fish. Velasquez is known for discovering one genus of digenetic trematodes in local fish (a type of parasite) and for discovering thirty two new species of parasites from the Philippines.

Gregorio Velasquez - devoted thirty years of his life to researching a type of blue green algae called myxophyceae.

Dolores Ramirez - fought for the development of genetics in the Republic of the Philippines. She is a biochemical geneticist.

Jose Rodriguez - dedicated his life to finding ways of controlling the leprosy disease. Rodriguez was given the honor of a Damien Dutton award in 1974.

• Inventors.

Felix Maramba - built a power generator powered by coconut oil. He is currently the developer of a leading company in biogas systems.

Eduardo San Juan - worked on the team of people that invented the Moon Buggy otherwise known as the Lunar Rover. The Moon Buggy was first used in 1971when Apollo 12 landed on the Moon.

Daniel Dingel - a Filippino inventor who claims to have designed and invented a car that is powered by water. Apparently, the engine of his car contains a chamber that succeeds in breaking down water molecules to release hydrogen that is combustible.

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