Who Is The Filipino Scientist And Their Contribution?


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Throughout history there have been many Filipino scientists including famous ones and famous inventions by them. Filipino inventions we are familiar with today include:

  • Videophone
  • Medicines from oil extracts
  • Quink
  • The moon buggy
  • Discoveries including cultures, insects and mammals
Gregorio Y. Zara is one of the most famous scientists from the Philippines and as of 1978, he has been known as a national scientist. Despite creating an airplane engine that ran solely on alcohol as opposed to other more harmful fuels, he is recognised for his invention a year later, the two-way television telephone in 1955.

Quink is the trade name of a very popular ink, used commonly by Parker Pens. This was another Filipino invention by the scientist Fransisco Quisumbing. He designed it after the second world war after graduating from university and failing to succeed in the Philippine Ink Corporation. The name was derived from his own - Quisimbing Ink.

Eduardo San Juan invented one of history's most famous objects, the moon buggy. The Lunar Roving Vehicle was first used in 1971 by NASA during three of their moon landing missions and ran completely on just four batteries. In 1978, he received a TOM (Ten Outstanding Men) awards for his contributions to science and technology.

Other scientists include:
  • Julian A. Banzon
  • Fe del Mundo
  • Pedro Escuro
  • Jose Rizal
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Rodrigo cruz

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