Who Is The Foreign Scientist And Contribution With Pictures?


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There are many foreign scientists, all of whom have contributed to society through inventions and scientific breakthroughs ranging from chemical formulas to new medical imaging machines, to space shuttles and satellites.

Most scientists will work in physics, chemistry, or biology, and scientists from any country can study these three disciplines at university or college. One example of a famous scientist whose work has been widely featured in pictures (and whose own face is very well known) is France and Poland's legendary Marie Curie.

About Marie Curie

  • Specializing in the study of radioactivity, this scientist was raised in Poland and was born Maria SkÅ‚odowska; near the end of the 19th century, she moved to Paris to pursue her education in the sciences. Best known for being the first female to be awarded a Nobel Prize, Curie worked alongside her scientist husband, Pierre Curie, studying ways to work with radioactive isotopes.
Marie Curie is just one example of a famous scientist who changed the study of science with her incredible intellect and accurate observations. Other examples of foreign scientists who have famous faces and bodies of work include Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein. 

These scientists (with the exception of Da Vinci, who had no formal science education) used their superior powers of observation to notice patterns in nature that had not yet been detected or recorded. Their achievements helped to treat diseases, create new forms of sustainable energy, and move society forward with new types of vehicles.

Scientists are trained to think inquisitively, but to follow the scientific method while creating experiments and testing hypotheses. For today's students, schools become a breeding ground for the exciting developments and discoveries of the future.

Scientists, such as the French-Polish Marie Curie, remain inspirational and relevant in today's society; their work will always be remembered and referenced.

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