Who Are Some Filipino Inventors And What Are Their Inventions? Please Provide Dates And Uses.


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The Philippines is a wonderful and creative nation, whose history spans back centuries.

As far as inventors go, the Philippines is responsible for sharing some rather important discoveries with the world.

Here is a list of some inventions that can be traced back to the Philippines:

Inventions of the Philippines:

  • The Most Lethal Yo-Yo
Although there's no precise date for when it was invented, the world 'yoyo' is Tagalog (the language of the Philippines) for 'come back'.

Originally, yo-yo's were used as weapons, and were much larger than the ones seen in playground these days. They also had sharps edges and studs for killing enemies and prey.

  • Karaoke
Although usually associated with Japan, Filipino scientist Roberto del Rosario also invented a music-accompaniment system with a separate voice track on which the volume could be turned up and down.

Although the Japanese will never admit to it, Karaoke's home could arguably be the Philippines.

  • The Videophone
A device called the 'photo phone signal separator network' was invented by Dr. Gregorio Zara in 1955.

The contraption pretty much did everything the 'videophone' developed by American company AT&T did - only Zara managed to come up with it 5 years earlier.

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Benjamin Almeda, Julian Banzon, Ramon Barba, Benjamin Cabrera, Paulo Campos, Magdalena Cantoria, Josefino Comiso, Lourdes Cruz, Rolando de la Cruz and Emerita de Guzman.

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