What Is Communication Mode?


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A "mode" is any means through which the communication will be carried out. The various modes of communication include oral and written communication. In addition to this we can also communicate using sign language and symbols. Talking about advertising specifically, the two main modes of advertising are print and electronic media. In print media, we have all the advertisements that we see in magazines, newspapers, brochures, flyers and even billboards. In electronic media we have television, internet and radio ads. The print ads are different from the electronic ads because they have only the visual component that is pictures. On the other hand the electronic media ads can have an audio as well as a visual component.

These modes are very different from each other and we can not classify one a being better than the other. While choosing a mode of communication, we need to keep in mind the purpose, the target audience and the reach of the ad. Within each mode, there are different formats and components that can be utilized as well to make the advertisement more captivating.

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