Where Is Ypres?


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Ypres is a municipality in the province of West Flanders in Belgium. It is located in the West Flanders province of the Flemish region of Belgium. It comprises the city of Ypres and the villages of Boezinge, Brielen, Dikkebus, Elverdinge, Hollebeke, Sint-Jan, Vlamertinge, Voormezele, Zillebeke and Zuidschote. The city of Ypres covers an area of 130.61 square kilometres. According to a population census conducted in the year 2006, the population of Ypres is estimated to be 34, 897. The density of population of Ypres is about 267 people per square kilometre. Ypres is the French name of the city, but it is generally used in English nowadays.

The alternative name, which is the Dutch name of the city, is Ieper. It was an important centre of wars between the German and British forces during the First World War. Ypres is the twin city of Hiroshima in Japan, Sittingbourne, Kent in the United Kingdom since 1964, Siegen, Westfalen in Germany since 1967 and Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais in France since 1969.

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