Where Is Buckinghamshire?


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Buckinghamshire sometimes known as Bucks is a home county in South East England. Buckinghamshire has the status of a Ceremonial and Non-metropolitan county. It lies in the region of South East England. The administrative Head Quarter of Buckinghamshire is Aylesbury. The area of the Buckinghamshire County Council is spread into four districts; South Bucks, Wycombe, Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern. The current population of Buckinghamshire is about 710,200

The county is very beautiful; it is wooded with Oak and Beech. One of the main industries in Buckinghamshire is that of making wooden spades, bowls, and brush-handles. However the majority of female workers are employed into the field of manufacturing thread lace and straw plaiting. The roads built in the county are mostly Roman Roads. This shows the influence of Roman architecture in the city.

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