Where Is Llandudno?


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The resort town of Llandudno can be located between Conwy and Colwyn Bay of North Wales coast. The place was specially built to serve as a holiday destination during the Victorian era.

Llandudno, also called as the Queen of the Welsh Resorts, is the largest seaside resorts in Wales. It has great many attractions to its credit. Some of them are Llandudno Bay and the North Shore, Llandudno Pier, Great Orme, Happy Valley, Marine Drive, West Shore, Mostyn Street, Victorian Extravaganza, Alice in Wonderland and Venue Cymru.

A person visiting the West Shore must be enthralled by the tranquillity of the beaches that are formed of the estuary of the river Conwy. Also, it was at this place where Alice Liddell, the famed character of Alice in Wonderland, spent her long holidays during summer in her childhood. There are some hotels and some calm streets also over here.

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