Where Is Olympia?


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The ancient city of Olympia which was the locale for the Ancient Olympics is situated in Greece. A province to the south of the city also shares the same name. Olympia could also refer to the capital of Washington in the United States of America. Other places include Olympia in California, in Florida; in Illinois and OlĂ­mpia in Brazil, Sao Paulo. An ancient Greek sanctuary, Olympia in Elis, besides hosting the Ancient Olympic Games was also very important for the Pythian Games that were held in Delphi. It is famous for the enormous statue of Zeus, crafted in ivory and gold, which used to stand there. There are a number of landmarks by that name, including Olympia (stadium) in Helsingborg; an exhibition hall, Olympia, in London; Olympia airport in Washington; Olympia Milk bar, said to be a cultural landmark in Sydney, Australia; and Olympia High School in Central Florida.

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